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The Basics of Silicone Scar Technology

A scientific revolution

Modern medical professionals commonly use silicone scar sheets, gel, and tape. Whether in the burn unit or the dermatology office, this treatment option is never far away. In medical settings, silicone technology is considered one of the best choices for a wide variety of patients.

Silicone scar sheets act similarly to the skin’s natural barrier when it is healthy. With a silicone scar sheet applied, the skin is not losing moisture at the same rate as it would in the open air. Silicone scar gels and tapes achieve a similar effect.

The barrier silicone scar products provide forces more moisture into the scar, which in turn facilitates scar softening. Using silicone scar sheets and gels can cause existing scars to fade or limit the formation of new scar tissue during the healing process.

Silicone scar sheets and gels first became widely available in the 1980s. The decade saw many trials while protocols were developed and patient outcomes were documented. However, the benefits of silicone scar sheets were unmistakable.

As time went on, more scientific data regarding the benefits of silicone scar treatments mounted. Doctors began using differentiated products like silicone scar gel to improve the patient experience, and products hit the mass market.

Aroamas Scar developed some of these products. Initially, silicone scar sheeting used in medical settings convinced our founder that more people needed access to high-quality products. That’s where our development of silicone scar gel and silicone scar tape was beneficial.

Currently, there are many options for silicone scar sheets, gels, and more available to meet every need. Talking to a doctor about the best options is still recommended but not required. No one should need to wait to start their journey to love every inch of their skin.