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About Aroamas

Aroamas began with a simple goal to improve people’s lives through life-changing silicone scar treatment products.

Today, our mission covers silicone scar sheets, gels, and tape that change the landscape of scars from some of the most personally devastating injuries a person can experience. We help people address the scars that bother them, including:

• Keloid scars
• Hypertrophic scars
• Surgery scars
• Accidental scars
• Breast implant & reduction scars
• Burn scars
• Raised acne scars
• C-Section and Pregnancy Scars

Aroamas began back in 2009 with a practical product. Our founder had scars herself from pregnancy, which made her very self-conscious. None of the options available to her actually helped her scar enough to feel comfortable dressing how she used to.

Rather than accept this reality. Her persistence paid off, and treated her scar to the point where she felt comfortable in a bikini on the beach again.

Aroamas currently serves women and men across the country who need something a little different to reduce the look of their scars.

Each silicone scar sheet, gel tube, and tape roll we send out helps people manage their scars and reclaim their skin. We could not be prouder of our work.

Scars may be on the skin, but their impact is more than skin deep.